eLearning Translation Services

Rephraserz Media and Communication Services (RMACS) is honoured to provide comprehensive translation services to the entire e-learning sector, including online training companies, colleges and universities, e-learning consultants, and other similar organisations. As more and more companies continue to rely on web-based training modules to reach employees working at remote locations, localisation of e-learning platforms has also become equally significant.

The e-learning industry of today has evolved into a truly global enterprise. The Internet-enabled training and education sector has exploded with growth in the last five years, reaching more than $13 billion in products and services today.

With such a global reach, companies are now realising the need to build their own material in a form that their wide-ranging customers can understand. They are quickly realising the importance of bringing cultural innovation in their content and therefore require translators who understand both sides of the business. These translators are expected to be fast and resourceful enough to access the requirement of a particular target group and produce documents that completely satisfy their want for knowledge.

We have a network of independently contracted translators who are equipped to eliminate foreign language barriers for your e-learning audience. Our linguists have specific experience of e-learning industry and are well equipped to handle the requirements of this sector. Some of the translation projects they have worked on include:

  • Training tutorials
  • Seminar translation
  • Webinar translation
  • Multilingual websites
  • Story board translation
  • User Interface translation
  • Academic books translation
  • Audio scripts and voiceovers
  • Multimedia and PowerPoint presentations
  • Training instructional and support materials
  • Telephonic and video interpretation translation services for deaf and hard of hearing employees, students and trainees

To know more about how you can take advantage of our e-learning translation services, please write us at translations@rephraserz.com

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