Engineering and Technical Translation Services

Rephraserz Media and Communication Services (RMACS) understands that the accuracy of engineering and technical translations, that includes user manual translations, guide, handbook, pamphlets, aeronautical documents, and SOP etc. are required not only for critical business processes but also are vital for the safety of workers, clients, and end users. We have built up a large network of trusted associates over the years who have helped us in providing reliable translation services to a client base ranging from manufacturers to business owners and individuals in different countries.

Whenever we get a translation request for technical documents, we make sure to choose only the experienced translators to do the work. The translators are assessed and valuated before their inclusion in our database. We thoroughly check their technical knowledge and comfortability with scientific words. Their assessments include ability to adhere to confidentiality agreements along with submissions of test translations. Our aim is to provide our clients the greatest value for money as well as the complete translation quality, and we make this possible only because of our industry expertise coupled with our technically qualified translators.

We use client’s industry specific terminology to ensure consistency throughout the translated document. We know that once you are spending your money on something, you should get the best. We look forward to building long term business relationships with our clients, and therefore put our best effort in all the work we undertake. Our clients have previously have hired our services to translate:

  • Guides
  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Pamphlets
  • Handbooks
  • User manuals
  • Marketing collateral
  • Technical translations
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Aeronautical document translations

To know more on how can we help you deal with your engineering and technical translation in a completely confidential and professional manner, please write us at

91 - 75984 83013