Legal Translation Services

Legal translation and interpretation requires professional skills and relevant experience that is hard to match. Because when it comes to legal contracts, it’s about the wording as even a slightest error in the content can have immeasurable consequences.

We specialise in high quality legal translation. Having handled different types of official documents ranging from witness statements to contracts, certificate translation, and tender document translation, we can provide you bespoke legal translation services. Depending upon your requirement and our reach of service, we can even make our interpreters available for meetings and court hearings.

At RMACS, we have gained ample knowledge while working alongside reputed legal firms and closed legal circles. It has allowed us to get latest insight into the context of our work, which results in production of accurate documents and top quality translations that are fit for every legal purpose.

We have clients for whom we work as principal supplier for their translation and interpreting needs. Our ability to deliver highest quality work whilst meeting strict timelines is the key to successful business relationships with them. Our translators are familiar with legal terminology and can give quantifiable results in target languages. Their extensive knowledge of legal systems in relevant countries remains crucial to our ability to deliver accurately translated legal documents. We also follow a strict policy to ensure that only the linguist with the required proficiency is assigned to your project.

Some of the legal translation projects they have worked on include:
  • Legal contracts
  • Sworn translation
  • Court documents
  • Patent information
  • Diploma translation
  • Taxation & customs
  • Certificate translation
  • Tender document translation

With us you are in safe hands and you can rest assured that we deliver what you expect. To know more on how we can help, please write us at

91 - 75984 83013