Media and Advertisement Translation Services

Media and advertising remain the one of the most significant methods to get in touch with the masses. However, to maximise the overall awareness about the company and its products or services, the advertising must be translated into local languages to reach the maximum number of target audience.

RMACS understands that marketing products and services is crucial for every business to develop. It’s the marketing collateral that forms the first impression on your company and services for potential clients, especially those staying in foreign countries. Hence, it becomes vital to make sure that the marketing and advertising translation is done by someone reliable. Whether it is just a line in your logo, a business card, flyer or a marketing brochure, you can trust us to provide complete accuracy and quality.

Our media and advertising translators know that marketing documents need more skills than just word by word translation. To have a better impact on the target audience, they have to be more focused on the message you want to deliver to your clients. At RMACS, we remain aware of distinction that your documents must have to create an impression across different cultures.

Therefore advertising or media projects are always assigned to experienced translators and proof-readers who meet all your project requirements and ensure delivery within the agreed timeframes without compromising on the quality. We also follow a very strict shortlisting process for translators. We review their applications carefully and choose only the best translators with industry specific experience. These translators offer companies from different countries to cater to a wider range of audience and achieve bigger role in the industry by allowing them to communicate their products, services, strategies, and ideas to the people/group of other culture or nationality.

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