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Train your resources rightly using quality e-learning modules and materials – translated into local languages so that whoever is trained trained well. At Rephraserz – a Chennai-based e learning translation company – we have expert mechanism and technical knowhow to correctly translate complex technical training documents and learning modules so that you achieve true values of your investment.

Training online using e-learning techniques is complex since it involves a range of vital considerations. Translating e learning materials locally requires skilled execution of workable ideas. It requires ideal resources to understand the technical nuisances. The industry of e learning is changing and hence the technologies that simplify its work culture change. At Rephraserz we have helped brands outperform in e-learning domain. We employ skilled resources who are proficient at translating technical and non technical e learning materials into understandable languages. Whatever you train, however you train – we simplify your message so that you can communicate your ideas to your target audience rightly – without having to bow down by cultural and linguistic challenges.

Recent years saw a surge in the enrollment of distance learning and e learning courses. Convenience, cost-effectiveness and accessibility have simplified the industry and surged demand. To help companies pitch the right message and keep on getting benefitted through e learning, Rephraserz provides winning variety of standalone solutions – practical e learning translation solutions.

Why trust Rephraserz?
  • Quality assurance on the solution
  • Affordable service targeted to your cost reduction goal
  • Execution of updated technologies
  • Improved dictionaries and inventories
  • Improved client participation
  • Global language expertise
Our Services

Rephraserz is a world class Translation solutions company with customised solutions for companies that work in e-Learning Services India. We provide

  • e-learning Modules Translation
  • eLearning Translation
  • Training Instructional and Support Materials translations
  • Multimedia and PowerPoint Presentations
  • Multilingual Websites
  • Audio Scripts and Voiceovers

For a free quote on e-learning modules translation for India or global audience, you can contact our customer care executive

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