Institutional Training

If your company resources require a recovery in terms of better performance, enhanced work and reduced process issues; nothing beats our institutional training services in India. The training is developed for companies who require a third party to analyse and process their man power in a better manner at the company-owned facility. We have worked with companies at their own office facility in training their existing manpower lead better performing roles.

The requirement of human resources for better company performance.

No company needs superhero. All companies need average but better trained human beings.

No company needs superheroes to become best companies. If they required, they would never scale new opportunities. What they require are common human beings – who are expert at their own niche, hard working and committed to their goals. To find, detect, analyse, identify such resources is however a task best done by professionals. Which is why, companies have human resources department in place. But despite an HR team active, resources need skilled training from experts to better perform their roles. This is where we come in! Our institutional training services are rightfully designed to train your manpower in a holistic manner at your own office premise. We strive to delight you by equipping your manpower with advanced variety of professional learning required for you to serve your clients well.

Introducing Rephraserz

We are based in Chennai, India with a team of defecated resources who are expert at training corporate resources with up to the date learning. We follow a systematic process to ensure your resources are rightly trained and their queries are answered honestly.

Our institutional training programs in Chennai are designed to provide you true values for your trust in us. We leverage on our expertise, process knowledge and technologies to equip your manpower with best variety of training and learning solutions that work.

Our key differentiator
  • Affordable process
  • Variety of skilled learning system
  • Up to the date technologies
  • Make work fun by making training interactive
Corporate and institutional training at Rephraserz
  • Business Etiquette
  • Leadership Training and Management
  • Six sigma training
  • Presentation skills
  • Time Management
  • Sales training
  • Project management

To learn about the course, to schedule a free consultation with our corporate trainers or to request a quote; Just drop us an email to to advocate your candidates.

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