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Handheld devices; especially mobile phones have been a key driver for simplifying the communication system. The devices have become so popular that it is estimated these days there are mobile phones on earth than people. The following statistics reveal the awesomeness these little devices have created and the range they have become!

  • Consumers who shop at a physical retail store are likely to compare the deals on their mobile devices first.
  • Within five years from now, mobile users will be accepting mobile wallets as their preferred payment method
  • Nearly half of consumers (47%) have accessed customer reviews in store using their mobile device with men (55%) more likely to access these reviews in store than women (39%)
  • Tablets to hit 100M shipments in 2012

These are just a few of the important statistics about the popularity mobile devices have created.

What does this mean for businesses?

If you are a business who operates online, what you do is how your consumer is watching you. Without a mobile optimized website, application or software, you can’t reach your customers. Absence on mobile means you lose customers and that your business awareness is limited. So, being mobile is important to make sure you outperform competition and keep trending.

How to become mobile as a business?
  • A responsive website – mobile-friendly
  • Business development application for android and other operating core
  • Mobile optimized software for standalone functions
Rephraserz – your mobile application development partner

We are a media and communication services company, with an aim to simplify, channelize, improvise our clients’ communication and brand reach. To help businesses leverage on the evolving benefit of mobile technology, we have forayed into mobile application development services. We provide mobile application development services in India by partnering with qualified developers and our in-house development team.

Our mobile development services in India are featured for being affordable, methodically-structured, and high value. Our result-driven application services have helped our clients earn their customers improved variety of value.

Service spectrum
  • iPhone/iPad apps development
  • Android apps development
  • Responsive website
  • Mobile software
Benefits of our solutions
  • Experienced developers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Updated tools
  • Technical assistance
  • Seamless feedback monitoring

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