Technical Skill Training

Industrial solutions companies regularly require expert manpower, which can creatively cater to their on demand requirements in a professional manner, without having them to invest more on process training. Rephraserz caters to such companies who want high quality training solutions for existing manpower, besides aspiring professionals who want to get trained on the job they want to perform.

Need for technical skill training in India

India sees a regularized growth in the introduction of companies that are doing well in industrial, technical segment. The growth of the companies indicates the need for potential in the recruitment sector. To join in these companies, as a professional, you should be prepared with advanced training modules and systems to better perform your role as a professional. At Rephraserz, we have helped companies train their existing manpower learn well and help aspiring professionals do their job better.

How our technology skills training system helps you

We leverage in our process to provide you with best solutions services that work. Our technology niche help us provide you with affordable solution that have worked for companies in channelizing their work force, help the manpower deliver better solutions and improve operational performance. Learn how our system is helpful for you:

  • Instructor-led training modules
  • Improved system
  • Performance orientation
  • Advanced tools and technologies
  • A variety of qualified process
Solutions served for industries

Technical Skills Training Initiative Chennai from Rephraserz takes consideration the vitalities of key objectives of an organisation and thereby provide them with a plethora of process-oriented solutions for dissimilar industries. Our main idea is to provide professionals do well in the technical niche by equipping with best in class training tools and resources. The service verticals include:

Industrial Maintenance: CNC/Machine Operations, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, Hydraulic/Pneumatics, Industrial Maintenance, Injection Molding, Computerized Manufacturing & Machining Program.

Besides industrial maintenance, we provide technical skills training solutions for electrical and quality systems. To learn about the solutions, just drop us an email to

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