Expert Tamil Translation Services

Our team of skilled Tamil translators is not just leading the way in the competitive market in Tamil translation, but also has valuable experience in a variety of important industries. Expertly trained and experienced translators use PDF files and emails to create Tamil translations that are of the highest standard. Our affordable rates are equally attractive as our amazingly rapid turnaround. Our list of happy clients includes Cambridge University Press, Siemens, Hunter Boots, NHS, and Morgan Stanley.

Professional Tamil Translators

Rephraserz Translations has created different teams of Tamil translators to meet your translation requirements, based on the topic that your document needs to be translated. We make sure that the translator who is working on the Tamil documents is appropriate to the subject of the document, and has the relevant experience, qualifications, and knowledge. Our translators are native users of the target language that have at least five years’ experience and academic credentials. It’s comforting to know that no matter how demanding or difficult your project is, you’ll always get a lower price for your Tamil translators when you turn to us.

Certified Tamil Translations

Our reliable and secure Tamil translation service is accurate and secure. English Translation service, which is secure and accurate, has been recognized as a translation service by NARIC, The Legalization Office, NARIC, the UK Passport Office, The Legalisation Office, and NARIC. We have a team of experienced Tamil translators, we are waiting to process passports as well as birth, marriage, and educational certificates. We are speed for the processing of your crucial documents. We offer all levels of certification according to your particular needs, from certificates and declarations of truth as well as notarizations, and Rephraserz for use in countries that are legal.

Translation Services in Chennai

Language translation is one of the fundamental needs in all areas in the present. Online translation isn’t a solution all the time and you may require certified translators to convert documents. Translation services will only carry out the process of conversion for a broad range of languages and require that the person who is translating be experienced as well as proficient in all languages. REPHRASERZ has translators who are government-approved in Chennai to provide authentic translations for any kind of document.

Why would you need a Certified Translation Agency?

Certified translators are a person who has been verified by the government in order to perform the conversion of documents. It is vital for the authorities to maintain the legal records that are provided only by an authorized translator. Certified Translation isn’t always required, but it is required for translations that concern legal documents. Legal language is delicate and understanding them correctly can reduce the chance of mistakes. Therefore, it is essential to work with a certified agency since it is said that the conversion of documents demands a powerful command of the language, and it’s hard to find and confirm the authenticity of an agency or agent.

English Transcription Services

Language Translation Services in Chennai

Translation services for languages are tools for conversion that convert content from one language into another. The conversion could be used for any type of material like documents, paper videos, documents web content, etc. It may be from one regional language to a regional language, from regional in a different language, or the reverse, or even from foreign to a foreign language. Professional translators must be able to comprehend both the languages and terminology pertaining to the topic. REPHRASERZ has the best native language translators that can translate documents into any language that is required.

• German
• Spanish
• Chinese
• Japanese
• Arabic
• French
• Russian
• Korean
• Hindi
• Italian
• Turkish
• Portuguese
• Gujarati
• Punjabi
• Tamil
• Polish
• Vietnamese
• Dutch
• Thai
• Bengali
• Kannada
• Persian
• Urdu
• Greek
• Mandarin
• Hebrew
• Finnish
• Slovenian
• English
• Malay

REPHRASERZ offers a variety of types of language combinations available for you to choose from. We have translators that are able to convert content in a way that is compatible with grammar. Some of the possible combinations are listed below:

• Spanish to English
• Hindi to Portuguese
• Gujarati to English
• Chinese to English
• Marathi to English
• Gujarati to Hindi
• German to English
• Telugu to English
• Hindi to Italian
• English to Arabic
• Russian to English
• English in Japanese and many more…

Document Translation Services in Chennai

Document translation refers to the translation of documents by two dominions with divergent philosophies that use two distinct languages are at stake. The majority of the time, this type of conversion documents is necessary for proving legality, citizenship, or education level or business. There are basically three kinds of documents: educational, personal and commercial.

Legal Translation Services in Chennai

The notary employs skilled legal translators who perform the translation of the document, who have been certified as per the Indian Notaries Act. Converting documents is a delicate task. The people who carry it out are familiar with the legal text and make sure that the conversion does not alter the interpretation of the document. These errors could result in consequences. This might be required to resolve legal issues or reasons related to apostille or attestation and. Translators who are approved by the government in Chennai must be appointed in order to carry out the legal interpretation of document. Some among the documents we provide services for are as follows:

Some of the legal documents that we provide services for are listed below:

• Power of Attorney
• Court documentation
• Filing trademark and patent applications
• Affidavits
• Contract
• Court documents and a few other

Technical Translation Services in Chennai

Technical translation refers to the conversion of technical materials into a different language. Technical translation consists of the conversion of manuals, user guides instructional booklets instructional materials, training materials, videos, as well as marketing content in the field of science, manufacturing or engineering. The translator must be familiar with the technical terms of the materials being translated. The precise translation of technical terms is the most crucial as rephraserz that is required in the process of translating technical terms. It is imperative to have an adequate understanding of the technicality of a product for which the translation is being done. The translator must be aware of that the two dialects are compatible and not result in minimal errors. REPHRASERZ can REPHRASERZ transform these technical papers:

• Tender Documents
• Technical brochures
• CAD Drawings
• User Guides
• Software and Hardware UI
• Patents and so on

Medical Translation Services in Chennai

Medical translation of documents and theses, patient files researches, etc. must be done with maximum precision and accuracy. The translation could be the difference between life or death, and any mistakes that are not made could result in negative consequences. Professional translators working for medical translation services need to have a background in medicine and skilled in understanding and interpreting the medical information in the correct way to translate the medical information. Medical translation is crucial to ensure that crucial information is conveyed to those searching for it. It is however, it is, suggested to use certified medical translation services to ensure the accuracy in the translation of medical information since it can lead to death and life at times. It requires a high level of skill and an intensive understanding of medical terms and grammar. The following medical documents are a few of us

• Patient Information
• Medical Prescriptions
• Patient Diagnosis Sheets/Reports
• Handwritten Medical Information
• Clinical Protocols and Trial Agreements
• Discharge Summary and many more

Academic Translation Services in Chennai

Academic translation is the type of translation that deals with documents that form a component of academics. This includes textbooks, admission essays recommendations, letters of recommendation research papers, and other such documents. But, it’s not essential for all types or academic language to have an approved translator, but it is a requirement for competence and skill. Academic translation is made up of a variety of terms, and it is essential to grasp their significance with the right comprehension. The shift isn’t as precise as understanding the message in terms of word, but the structure of the language and the context has to be considered too. When done in error it could be blamed for communicating the wrong message and consequently the message isn’t communicated to the desired interest group. REPHRASERZ translate academic documents:

• Exam Results
• Academic Thesis
• Resumes & CVs
• Syllabus translation
• Translations of presentations (Hard copies/PPT)
• Reports (Project and Dissertation) and some more

Business Translation Services in Chennai

The transformation of commercial documents for different business-related purposes is known by the term business translation. It can be required for a variety of reasons such as the need to make international or state-side business transactions and expansion of business into the international market, and many more. Translation of business documents helps keep up to date with the latest developments on the subject and also. The significance of business translation could be discussed from a variety of angles. It assists in building theorists’ faith through changing documents about business to the languages which are connected by them. This can also help ease the overall presentation of action and the understandings between the budgetary expert and business visionary, which will eventually be able to realize the growth of business around the world. Some of the business documents that we provide services for are as follows:

• Document for business
• Business plans
• Annual Reports
• Employment contracts
• Agreements and Contracts
• Insurance and other

Literary Translation Services in Chennai

Literature is fiction, and the conversion of any text that is fictional is called literary translation. The content that is transformed under the process of conversion to literature include novels blogs, novellas, novels and rhymes, song’s lyrics poetry, songs, etc. The translator has to adjust to the original ideas of the author and present the appropriate context to the reader. The literary translation can be achieved when the interpreter is able to comprehend the similitudes and distinctions within the particular context and can make them be useful in the archive that has been decoded. The translation isn’t just strict, word-to-word translation, but rather the translation of a phrase or stanza, or passage that advances the idea. The literary content which we translate are listed below:

• Lyrics
• Poems
• Songs
• Blogs
• Brochures
• Script, etc

Financial Translation Services in Chennai

Everyone requires financial assistance at time or another in the course of their daily lives. Financial translation can make bank language and the understanding of financial data easy through the translation of documents into native languages or any other language, since there are many countries that use an identical language. This involves the conversion of information such as statement of bank accounts, financial statements, audit documents and other documents. Finance is, in all, an enthralling subject that has a number of interconnected topics that require high precision. Translation of financial transactions is a complex process that has several elements that are crucial when working on the task. The phrasing as well as the market language are extremely important to take care of in the course of time spent changing. The numbers and the rules of the traditional market practices are broad and need to be taken into consideration for a lengthy period before the actual translation of the budgetary reports. Financial documents that we translate at our agency are listed below:

• Financial Models
• Balance Sheets
• Financial Reports
• Insight Documents
• Bank Statements
• Insurance and a few other

How much will Translation Services cost in Chennai?

The price of translation typically is dependent on the type of conversion to be carried out. The cost of conversion is determined by the type of content which is to be translated. It could be it a document, video, paper or advertisement or web content. The services of translation at REPHRASERZ are reasonably priced and handled by professionals. To find out the best price for translation contact our managers.

Translation Services Kolkata

Kolkata is the erstwhile hub of the finer arts and culture. One of the oldest planned cities in the Indian sub continent, it was the seat of the British Empire in that part of the world. Kolkata is a huge hub and breeding ground for the intellectual arts and education. While it is home to many diverse talents in varying fields, the city houses a distinguished settlement of linguistic services. For creative writing or translation of original text without compromising on meaning or quality, the best translation company in Kolkata is Rephrazers, an agency committed wholly to the task of creating concise and effective communication for professional purposes.

document translation services

If you are in Kolkata and want document translation in Kolkata city, Rephrazers should be your go-to destination for effective communication projected in translated content. Content translation can be rendered by automated softwares too, which are abundantly available on the Internet. However, in order to retain the original flavour and emotional quotient of original text and reflect it on the translated content, human intervention is inevitable.

For professional translation services in Kolkata, approach Rephrazers who will leave no stone unturned to ensure that the translated content is fully compatible with original text.