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E-Learning Translation Services

Knowledge is something that everyone should have access to, irrespective of the place they are in, or the language they speak. This is the concept that gave birth to E-learning. But then no E-learning course can achieve its objective if it is not localized to the requirements of its target audience. This is where Rephraserz can help.

Rephraserz Media and Communication Services (RMACS) has been providing e-learning translation services to the entire e-learning sector that includes colleges, universities, online training companies, e-learning consultants, and many more. It is not just e-learning companies; we have worked with many businesses across industries, turning them all into globally recognized organizations.

Why Choose Rephraserz for ELearning Translation Agency?

We, at Rephraserz, believe in understanding the specific requirements of your target audience before beginning the job of eLearning content translation. We work with subject-matter experts to achieve a high level of accuracy in our e learning language translation. Whether you are a company that relies on web-based training modules to reach out to your globally hired employees, or an e learning translation vendor, our partnership can prove to be highly beneficial for you.

Our dedicated team of translators comprises of language experts from different parts of the world, who can handle translation projects in large volumes, irrespective of the complexities or deadlines. Apart from providing you the content in the language that you require, they also bring incultural innovation, localizing your training module or course material. Whether you are looking for e-learning translation Irish or e-learning Spanish translation, we do it all and a lot more than that.

We are not like most e-learning translation companies that make use of automated software systems to convert your e-learning content from one language to the other. We make sure our language experts thoroughly understand your content and the purpose you are trying to achieve, before starting the process of translation. We take every effort to ensure the eLearning translation we give you will help you achieve your objective in the best way possible.

Our E-learning Translation Services

Our linguists are well-equipped to handle various types of e-learning translation projects that include:

  • Training tutorials
  • Seminar translation
  • Webinar translation
  • Multilingual websites
  • Story board translation
  • User Interface translation
  • Academic books translation
  • Audio scripts and voiceovers
  • Multimedia and PowerPoint presentations
  • Training instructional and support materials
  • Telephonic and video interpretation translation services for deaf and hard of hearing employees, students and trainees
Our Approach to ELearning Translation

Our linguists begin their job by understanding your eLearning content and the purpose that they need to achieve by translating the same. Then keeping in mind the knowledge level of the target audience, they translate the content, making sure the translated content fits well within the format and layout of the e-learning module. Once done, they run a comparison with the original content, to ensure quality and accuracy. Before delivering the project, we conduct dry-runs on the translated content and check if there are any last-minute edits necessary.

Don’t hesitate to write to us at translations@rephraserz.com if you want to clarify your queries or get more information about our eLearning content translation services.

Our Language Services

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