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Lower support cost, improve functional features, reduce investment focusing on software update by localizing your software in global languages. Our skilled translators are best at providing affordable yet quality solutions. Please read on how we can help your software reach global customers by making it translatable in global languages.

A version of software is unlikely to receive global concentration if it is not adapted with local languages. Research reports customers purchase a localized software version than a version of software which is not localized. Localized software means increased profit for producers, reduced investment, and product support other than improved option to reach localized audience.

With over a decade of experience, we at Rephraserz, have had helped companies from around the world with best quality software localization services and translation services. We begin by researching your requirements, analyzing the functional features of your product, comparing the challenges it has to face with competitors. This gives us the edge to learn your audience.

Why choose us for software localization translation
  • Decades of experience working in software development translation solutions
  • Skilled translators expert in global languages
  • Ability to simplify complex software documents
  • A dedicated team for software market research to accurately present your product
  • High end support and solutions using the best of technologies
  • Round the hour assistance
  • Updated vocabulary, improved software dictions
  • Affordable solutions yet quality uncompromised
Types of services
  • Software localization and translation services
  • Web application translation
  • Website Localization
  • Cloud Translation Management
  • XML in localization
  • ATM M-Status Translator
  • Online Help files translations
Work System

We learn your software product, know your audience base, test your service and monitor updates.

Followed by execute step which is about proper fact based research and best of all, the proper implementation of best values. The translation solutions are provided with an aim to help you avail the best solutions, at ease.

Write to us at to find out how we can help you support your business initiatives.

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