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The world is becoming mobile, practically! If you doubt, here’re just a few essential statistics you would love to know, review, consider and work upon, if you want to pitch on this evolving ecosystem!

  • Over half of American adults are now using smart phones
  • Around 27% companies located worldwide implemented location-based marketing in 2013
  • There are more mobile devices on earth than number of people
  • Over 80 percent shoppers prefer to have mobile-optimized product info while shopping at stores
  • Nearly half of the people who use smart phones believe they are better informed than they would have been if guided by store associates
  • Nearly all Generation Y own a kind of mobile devices; mostly smart phones
  • Google’s android is scaling on popularity leaving aside competitors

Android, iPhone, Windows mobile have revolutionized the communication system, leaving aside the complexities of traditional communicational barriers. With the growth the mobile industry, companies specifically working on location-based product, shopping and regional services need to be localized.

Study suggests a company that has a localized website, mobile app of its product, local version of its software score well.

With a local version of your productivity app or software, you can reach targeted audience without having to worry over performance issues whatever app you sell – be it play, social media, entertainment by making your product localized, you can ensure that your audience relates to it locally – it is as if mobile version of the product made locally.

At Rephraserz, we work on core deciders that help you simplify your mobile apps. We translate, mobilize, localize your mobile apps. Our work model cater to your target audience.

We provide mobile localization solutions based on core requirements of your audience. We research their styles, and demand, usability analysis to provide a workable range of winning localization solutions.

What do we do?

Localization of your app, designing a user interface that suit native language, designing solutions-based applications catering to local demand, providing positive purchasing power through least use of complex technicalities, understand the best practices and preparing a set of user-powered mobility services.

Which benefits you avail by choosing us as your preferred company?
  • Affordable solutions to your cost reduction goal
  • Audience research and local mobile eco system analysis
  • Use of latest technologies and tools
  • Quality monitoring solutions

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