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Medical Translation Services

Pharmaceutical companies, Biotech Companies, Manufacturers of surgical and medical devices, clinical research organizations (CROs), and healthcare managers – all of them would require their medical documents to be translated, at some point or the other. That said without proper understanding of medical terminologies you will never be able to translate your medical documents accurately and efficiently. This is when it makes sense to hire professional medical translation companies like Rephraserz.

Rephraserz Media and Communication Services (RMACS)has been providing comprehensive medical translation services to the health and the pharmaceutical sector for quite some time now. We understand there is no scope for errors in medical translation business, considering the risks of infringement of the strict international laws. As a company that cares about the health of your patients, we maintain the highest level of accuracy while working on your medical translation documents.

Why Choose Rephraserz for Medical Translation?

Unlike the regular medical translation agencies that do a word-to-word translation of medical documents, we believe in understanding your documents and following the best-practices of translation. The translators that we employ are all experienced in medical translation onlineand are experts when it comes to using complex medical terminologies. With access to specialist medical dictionaries and glossaries, they assure highest level of accuracy in medical translation.

Our team of medical translators have worked with various types of clients across multiple disciplines, delivering different kinds of assignments consistently and accurately. Whether it is medical billing translation or translation medical brochures, they can handle all kinds of tasks, irrespective of the complexities involved. They come together with a dedication to give you exactly what you want within the timeframe specified by you.

Right from selecting the perfect translator to proofreading your medical translation documents, we follow a meticulous quality control system that helps us obtain accurate results with every project that we take. Through our extensive network of experienced transcribers, translators, and localizers, we promise reasonable pricing and a quick turnaround time despite taking up huge volumes of work.

Our Medical Translation Services

Whatever be the kind of medical document you want us to translate, we have all the resources and skills needed to complete the job within time.

Our medical translation services cover:

  • Hospital & Insurance Reports
  • Clinical Reports and Studies
  • Medical Journals
  • Medical Equipment Manuals
  • Pharmaceutical Translation
  • Pharmaceutical Guidelines
  • Medical Brochures
  • Medical Softwares
  • Medical Terminology Glossaries

Most of the medical translation online we do is about informing patients about the benefits of medical products and services or keeping them updated about their health. At other times we translate clinical trial reports, drug catalogues, and even the marketing material of many Pharmaceutical companies.

Our Approach to Medical Translation

We believe we will be able to translate your medical documents accurately if we can understand them completely. This is where we focus most of our efforts. The next step is the actual translation that is done without omitting any details. A thorough proof reading will follow the translation to make sure there are absolutely no errors in the translated documents. The final step is the review by client which will tell us how well we have done the job.

Apart from medical translation, we also offer medical transcription and medical interpreting services. To know more about how we can help you with your medical translation documents, you can write to us at We will be glad to be of service to you.

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