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Corporate Voice Over

Whether you want to create awareness about your brand or launch your products or services, you can do it best through a corporate video. Professionally done, in collaboration with a corporate voice over artist, the video can help you achieve optimal results that will do wonders for your business. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable service that offers voice over for corporate videos, you are at the perfect place. Rephraserz will do it all for you.

Why choose Rephraserz for Corporate Video Voice Over?

We, at Rephraserz, aim at tailoring your marketing message for your target audience, wherever they may be. We adapt to their local environment, communicating with them in the language and tone that they perfectly understand and relate to. At the same time, we also give them many reasons to favor your products or services over your competitors, helping you enjoy a competitive edge in the market.

We have an entire team of voice over specialists, translators, and localization specialists who can handle every aspect of localizing your entire product portfolio including reaching out to your niche audience, marketing your products and services, and monitoring the popularity of your message. Our corporate video voice over services can prove extremely useful to you, if you are thinking about entering into a new market, where the audience speaks a language that is foreign to you.

Our Corporate Voiceover Work

A Chennai-based Translation and corporate voice over services agency, Rephraserz comes with a trusted track record of providing excellent corporate voice over narration services to a variety of clients in India as well as the rest of the world. We have established global connections with assisted brands across markets to reach out to a variety of audience in a way that they prefer. We have adequate resources to hire native narrators and voice-over specialists from the country, the audience of which you want to target through your corporate presentation.

We offer:
  • Corporate scripts for voiceover
  • Corporate voiceover workfor promotional videos
  • Website presentations
  • Product Infomercials
  • Voiceovers for explainer videos
  • Voiceovers for product demonstrations
  • Translation service for Industrial videos
  • Narration services for commercials and adverts
Our Approach for Corporate Video Voice Over

We adopt a Learn-Test-Try approach to cater to your unique voice over requirements and specifications. This includes learning about your niche and audience, devising a thoughtful strategy, executing the suggested ideas, testing the performance of your corporate video, and getting feedback for improving the initial draft.

We make sure our corporate voice over rates fit well-within your budget, while helping you get exactly what you want, the way you want. If you go through our corporate voice over examples you will understand how we design our services based on the standalone requirements of your audience, keeping in mind the language and tone that they understand, so as to help you achieve your objective in the best way possible.

How we do?

With our corporate voice over and narration agency solution in India, you can avail affordable results. To learn about the services, to know if we are perfect at adapting your tone or if we can counter the linguistic challenges you are worrying about, why not schedule a meet now?

If you need a corporate voice over demo or would like to get information about our corporate video voice over rates, send an email to Our experts will be glad to get in touch with you at your time of convenience.