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Polish translation services can help remove the communication barriers if you are thinking of taking your business to Poland. Nevertheless, there are many other challenges that you should be aware of, before starting business in this most populous country of Central Europe.

Time taken to start business

You will have to be registered as a limited liability company if you want to do business in Poland. The process could take more than a month. You will have to get your company agreement notarized and filed at the NCR before you deposit capital into your bank account and set up your VAT payments.

Getting electricity connection

They say it takes about 186 days to get electricity connected in Poland. There are six different processes to be completed and it could be quite a costly undertaking considering the costs of the electrical contractor to set up an external connection.

Tax payment

A corporate tax rate of 19% and a basic VAT rate of 23% is applicable to most of the goods and services that are traded in Poland. There are also various other levies such as contributions to PFRON (State Fund for Disabled) and ZUS (Social Security Institution).

Regulations and Permitspolish translation services

There are many HR regulations you need to compile with if you are to do business in Poland. Also, you cannot hire any foreign workers to work for you without receiving permission from a local governor or a voivode.

The people of Poland are very attached to their heritage and traditions. You will need to familiarize yourself with the Polish culture before setting up business in the country. Rephraserz can help you localize your business for the Polish audience through Polish professional translation and localization experts.

Rephraserz offering Polish Translation Services With Best Price

If you are looking for a cheap and reliable service that offers accurate Polish document translation, Rephraserz is the company you should choose. We offer different types of translation including legal, medical, academic, and Polish certificate translation.

We accept audio and video files in different formats such as MP3, MP4, WMV, AIF, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, WMA, OGG, and WAV.As a certified translation company we offer 24-hour services to cater to your urgent translation requirements at any time of the day or night.

Our Services Includes the following

  1. Polish Translation to English
  2. Polish Translation to Arabic
  3. Polish Translation to German
  4. Polish Translation to Spanish
  5. Polish Translation to French, Etc..,

Our Other Services Includes the following

  1. Polish Transcription Services
  2. Polish Audio Transcription Services
  3. Polish Video Transcription Services
  4. Polish Legal Transcription Services
  5. Polish Interview Transcription Services, Etc..,

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