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Website Localization

Give your website a local makeover globally using our web translation and Website localization services. We strive to delight your audience in their own languages – leaving the limitations of culture and society.

No matter how well your product/service is, if it can’t sell, it is unused. Promoting your marketing message for maximum exposure thereby requires adequate understanding of your target audience, adapting with their own customised requirements and erasing out issues that pause your marketing efforts. For example; if your website is in English and you want to sell your service to people living in China, you should have a local Chinese versions of your website. Without doing this, you can sell your product to a selective group of folks means reduced exposure and low sale. Doing this, you can reach to anyone living in China means maximum exposure and improved sale. That is what is called website translation and localization service – something at which we are perfect!

Refresh your website with Rephraserz

Rephraserz’s is a Chennai-based translation service company. Our web translation and localization service is designed to earn you true values for your investment. We work with our clients to understand their audience base, research their culture, society and linguistic considerations, and finally provide solutions that work! Our core aim is to ensure your website is locally accessible worldwide so that you reach local audience regionally and make a whopping base of dedicated customers globally.

How it works
  • You tell us of your specialsied requirements. The process connote knowing about your website, your target market and any personalized requirements.
  • We research your audience. The process involve surveying your target audience, their specialised considerations, cultural and linguistic challenges.
  • After we are done at our research, we begin our work. The process is all about translating your website in local tone.

We work with our valued customers dedicatedly. So that you avail the best benefit of your trust, we assure solutions that are functional.

Key differentiators of opting for Rephraserz’s service:
  • Affordable solutions designed to meet your cost reduction goals
  • Updated tools and techniques to ensure best values of investment
  • Latest dictionaries adapting with local languages world wide
  • In-depth localization testing and engineering
Types of solutions offered
  • Online QA and web testing
  • Localizing multimedia and user interface design
  • Working out with memory technologies for cost savings
  • Web content management localization service

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