Certified Translation Services

What is a Certified Translation

Certified Translation services is one such boon to any business that can lead to its globalization. You can sell your products online in your customers’ language. It can make your customers understand your product better. You can express your views and policies in their native language that can grow your customer base immensely. But while choosing your translation service provider you need to be very precise.

Communication is one of the main challenges that you may face while trying to expand your business globally. If you wish to target a new market one thing you will have to do is communicate with your new target audience in the language that they speak. All your official documents will have to be translated into their language. This is where you can benefit from our certified translation services. Our dedicated team members will work with you to understand your translation requirements and complete your project in the best way possible.

Language Certified Translation Services

Well-versed in most Indian languages as well as international languages such as

our multilingual translators offer top-quality services with the highest level of accuracy. Our document translation services include translation of medical documents, financial documents, legal documents and e-learning documents,in addition to certified document translation.

We cater to the requirements of all types of businesses across industries such as Aerospace and defense, automotive, energy & utilities, engineering, procurement, & construction, financial services, software technologies, industrial manufacturing, life sciences & health care, marketing, media & entertainment, corporate communications, retail, telecom, travel, transportation, & logistics, and e-learning.

Our Approach

We follow a 3-step approach when it comes to document translation.

Step #1: Document Submission and Review

Upon submission of the document by the client, our translation management team will review the same and understand the steps involved in the completion of the project. This will involve discussion of the scope of the project, determination of the timeline and clarification of queries for better understanding. A qualified translator with relevant experience will then be assigned to execute the project.

Step #2: Translation

This step involves the actual translation of the text from the source language to the target language. The focus will be on accurate transfer of the content using appropriate terminology, with special attention to details such as grammar, syntax, tautology, consistency, collocation, tense usage, spelling and punctuation. The document will be presented in the layout or format specified by the client.

Step #3: Proofreading & Editing

In this stage a senior qualified certified translator will proofread and edit the translated document for accuracy, syntax, grammar, spelling, and punctuation, making sure any corrections with regard to the final layout or formatting,are made as per the client’s specifications. After finalization, the document will be sent to the client for approval.

As a certified translation company, we understand how important it is for you to adapt to the changing needs of the industry. From simple advertising slogans tocomplex business contracts, marketing material, financial transactions, and technically specific medical notes, our language translators are adept at interpreting the minutest of the details and processing them accordingly.

The main goal of our official document Translation Services is to cater to the specific requirements of our clients in terms of accuracy, quality, budget, and timeline. The vast experience we have in the field of translation and a keen eye for detail are the only tools that we need to exceed your expectations and win over your trust.

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