Translation services india

Translation Services India

Translation services in India make it possible for any organization to expand its business to any part of the world, without having to rely on any middlemen. A reputable service such as RMACS can cut down all communication barriers, making it easier for you to interact with people from different parts of the world and achieve your goals easily.

  • A professional translation service gives you access to a pool of seasoned translators who are experts in translating a variety of documents into different languages, as per the requirements of their clients
  • By working with an entire team of translators you will be able to localize your services for different markets, simultaneously
  • It empowers you to communicate easily with any client, from any part of the world, and close deals without any hassles.
  • Translation services in India help you maintain consistency across your brand communications, irrespective of the markets you are targeting. You can get all your marketing materials translated to the targeted languages, in the format you want.
  • Working with a professional translation agency helps you get your job done well-within time, without compromising on quality or accuracy. It saves you a lot of your time and efforts.

Who can benefit from translation services india?

With the communication and interaction improving between different countries of the world, most businesses are embracing globalization as a part of their culture. While entering into new markets, it is their responsibility to make sure they localize their business and familiarize their new target audience with their products and services. Hiring a professional service that offers certified translation in India can help them do this in a better way.

Top 5 industries which can benefit from our translation services india

Life Sciences and Healthcare

An expert service of online translation in India can be of great help for any healthcare center or pharmaceutical company that caters to the medical needs of people from all over the world. They can get their doctor manuals, patient records, medical records, medical reports, leaflets, prescription information, and instructions translated accurately by hiring a professional translation service that they can find by running an online search on ‘translation near me.’

Finance and Banking

Most companies from the banking and finance sector look at acquiring new customers from foreign countries to maintain consistency in their business. They can use an online language translation service in India to ensure their communications are all clear, accurate, and effective. Through the help of such a service, they can strengthen their relationships and build trust among their potential clients. By getting their forms, transactions and financial documents translated accurately, they can easily meet the expectations of their clients, wherever they may be from.

Information and Technology

Almost all companies in the IT sector manage their projects globally, on a regular basis. They will have many technical documents that are to be translated into different languages. Such jobs would require the help of expert linguists who are trained in technical translation. Professional translation services such as RMACS have such experts who can make the jobs of these companies, a whole lot easier.

Travel and Tourism

Hiring a professional translation service would be a must for companies that are into travel and tourism. They let them provide information in different languages, helping them translate their brochures, leaflets, travel documents and their terms and conditions to any language of their choice, so as to serve their foreign customers.


The legal sector is another industry that can benefit from translation services. It will help them understand the legal information of another country and empower them to work with global clients, cutting down the communication barriers. Apart from helping them acquire knowledge about the laws of different lands, accurate translations of legal documents will also help them expand their reach to any part of the world.

Apart from the above there are also other industries such as automotive industry, aerospace industry, media and entertainment, retail, telecom, EPC, energy and utilities, and e-learning that can benefit from translation services.

Why hire Rephraserz for translation?

Translation services indiaRephraserz Media and Communication Services is one company that can offer accurate audio translation India, Video Translation India, as well as document translation, all under one roof. We can help eliminate all the communication barriers that may come between you and your target audience. While translating your documents, our focus is mainly on making them easily readable and understandable by your target audience. Here are a few more points that will justify your decision of choosing Rephraserz for your translation projects:

  • We hire translators who are experts in their industries. They understand client requirements perfectly and deliver what they are expected to deliver, without losing out on time or accuracy.
  • Rather than just the word-to-word translation, our focus is on making your documents easy-to-read, intelligible, and error-free.
  • Through our extensive network of translators hired from different parts of the world, we are capable of working round the clock and delivering large volumes of work well within the timeframes specified by our clients. So your search on ‘quick translation India,’ ‘one day translation India,’ or ‘rush translation service India,’ can comfortable end here.
  • Advanced technology tools and the availability of trained linguists with outstanding skills, enthusiasm, and flexibility, help us provide translation services in India, at affordable pricing. So if you have been looking for ‘Cheap Translation India,’ you are essentially at the right place.

You can count on Rephraserz for quality translation at the highest level of accuracy. The outcome would be just as you had expected.

Our Translation Services

We cater to the translation requirements of a variety of businesses across industries, all over the world. We are specialized in:

  • Medical Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Financial Translation
  • Market Research Translation
  • E-learning Translation
  • Engineering & Technical Translation
  • Media & Advertising Translation

We also offer transcription services, interpretation services, voice-over services, and subtitling services, among others.

Our Approach

  1. Understanding requirements:The first thing we do when a client approaches us with a translation project is understand the requirements thoroughly. We focus on identifying the target audience and understanding their requirements so that the message can be conveyed to them in the exact way they want to hear.
  2. Assigning a dedicated translator: Once the requirements are understood our next step is to assign a dedicated translator (or a group of them) with the right level of knowledge and experience to complete the job as per the expectations of the client.
  3. The actual translation: During this phase the translator/s execute the actual translation of the documents, audio files or video files that they are entrusted with.
  4. Editing: Once the translation is complete it goes through a thorough round of editing to ensure quality and accuracy. We make sure the translated document is as per the specifications mentioned by the client.
  5. Delivery: The translated document is delivered to the client in the format or layout that is specified by the client. Feedback would be collected for revisions or further improvements if any.

Translation Companies India

Rephraserz Media and Communication Services (RMACS) is one of the best translation services in India that offer end-to-end translation of a variety of documents as well as audio and video files to individuals and businesses all over the world. We offer professional document translation services in more than 100 languages including English, French, Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Greek, Latin, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Spanish and a variety of Indian languages.

Benefits of Hiring Rephraserz for Translation

  • By offering end-to-end translation services we help save a lot of your time and efforts which might otherwise get wasted in gaining the right kind of knowledge and experience needed to complete the project.
  • We help you communicate with your new target audience in a clear, effective and error-free way. This can prove to be immensely beneficial when it comes to achieving your goals and strengthening your relationships with your potential clients.
  • We offer you an easy and hassle-free way to get all your translation requirements fulfilled within the timeframe that you specify, without you having to put in any efforts.
  • Through our translation experts we help you localize your products and services in a new market and make it easy for your new target audience to accept your brand as one of their own.
  • We enable you to get out of your comfort zone and establish yourself as an industry expert even in a place that is absolutely alien to you.

It doesn’t matter what kind of translation you are looking for; you are sure to find it all at Rephraserz. We put in every effort possible to make sure you get what you need, without you having to compromise on quality or accuracy. The expert translators we have hired from different industries across the world help us meet all the deadlines specified by you, irrespective of the complexities involved in the translation.

Get in touch with our experts to discuss your requirements. We will be glad to be of help.

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