Transcription Services

Transcription refers to a process of listening carefully

Online Transcription Services

Many legal companies, healthcare centers, media firms, and even researchers may not have the time or the resources to create written content for their reports, documents, and letters. They can all benefit by hiring professional transcription services that can accurately convert their audio, video or other files into written or electronic documents, while taking care of spelling, grammar and other aspects of the content.

All of them have qualified, trained, and experienced transcribers who make sure the clients get exactly what they want, in an accurate and timely manner.They cater to all kinds of transcription needs, irrespective of the volume or complexities.

What is Transcription?

Transcription refers to a process of listening carefully to an audio or a video file and then typing the contents into a written document that will then be transferred to the client. This could be an interview, a phone call, a discussion, or a dictation, depending on the requirements of the clients. Accurate transcription requires excellent listening skills and very fast typing skills. The other factors that determine the time taken to transcribe a recording include the quality of recording, the clarity, background noises if any, the number of speakers, and also the speed at which they are speaking in the recording.

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Online Transcription Service

Online transcription agency are the most convenient to opt for, as they can save a lot of time and efforts. All that you need to do is sign up for such a service, upload the originalfile, make the payment, and then wait for the transcribed file to reach your inbox.

Most online transcription services accept files in almost all formats, which make it easier to upload files of huge sizes. The time taken by such services to transcribe recordings would be minimal and the rates would be very competitive. They generally work round the clock and offer excellent support in terms of languages.

Audio Transcription Services

Audio transcription services are experts in the process of transcribing audio files into written documents, as per the specific needs of their clients. They work with different kinds of businesses, legal establishments, universities, hospitals, media houses, and entertainment industries, converting their calls, business meetings, lectures, interviews, patient records, and market research transcriptions into easy-to-read transcripts that are highly accurate.

They make use of highly advanced software programs and state-of-the-art infrastructure to offer transcripts in the file formats preferred by their clients, well-within time. Their expertise and experience help them in completingtasks of varying complexities and volumes with great ease.

Why choose Rephraserz for your transcription services?

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