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Legal Translation Services

Drawing up legal contracts is a must when you want to take your business to the other parts of the world. Although you may not be proficient in the official language of the new place, you still have to make sure there are absolutely no errors in your legal document translation services. This is where a professional legal translation service such as Rephraserz can help you.

Rephraserz Media and Communication Services (RMACS)has been providing bespoke business and legal translation services to different types of clients across the world. Our linguists come with a rich experience of handling the translation of different kinds of legal document translations, including contracts, certificates, tender documents, and witness statements according to specific requirements of the clients. Apart from the translation we also make available interpreters, for your meetings and court hearings.

Why Choose Rephraserz for Business and Legal Translation?

At RMACS, we believe that even the slightest error can lead to immeasurable consequences in legal translations documents. Hence we make it our top priority to produce accurate documents and top quality translations that fit every legal purpose. We have worked alongside reputed legal firms and closed legal circles to gain absolute knowledge about the industry and familiarize ourselves with the legal terminologies in most of the popular languages.

We are keenly aware of the trust that you place in us when you entrust us with the job of translating your important legal documents. All our team members maintain the highest level of confidentiality while handling your documents. With an extensive knowledge of legal translation systems in relevant countries, they make sure you get exactly what you need, within the shortest span of time. For every project that we take we make sure we assign a dedicated linguist who has the relevant proficiency to complete the job on hand.

Rephraserz is the best you can choose in your search for legal translation near me, both in terms of accuracy and timeliness. Whether it is legal translation birth certificate or legal translation contract that you are looking for, you can get every translation need successfully fulfilled, here at RMACS. Apart from making sure you get the best in terms of translation, we also ensure our legal translation rates fit well within your specified budget.

Our Legal Translation Services

Our team members, at RMACS, have worked on different kinds of legal translation projects including:

  • Legal contracts
  • Sworn translation
  • Court documents
  • Patent information
  • Diploma translation
  • Taxation & customs
  • Certificate translation
  • Tender document translation

Our clients have been extremely satisfied with the quality and the accuracy of our legal translation services because of the kind of attention that we pay to every minute detail of their documents.

Our Approach to Legal Translation

The first thing that we do when entrusted with a job of legal translation is to understand the document thoroughly. We clarify any queries that we may have with regard to the terminologies and concepts before beginning the actual translation. Once the translation is completed, every document goes through a rigorous process of proof reading to check for errors or missing details if any. We include any revisions asked by the client and make sure the client is absolutely satisfied with our service.

If you would like to know more about our services or our legal translation fees, don’t hesitate to write to us at We are always happy to serve you, whatever may be your requirement.

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