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The interpreters working at Rephraserz Media and Communication Services (RMACS) are the best in the industry. They know the subtle art of conveying your words correctly and smartly into any language. If required, our engineers can also come to your office and set up interpretation equipment for meetings, functions, or conferences.

We also offer quality oriented and competitively priced telephonic interpreting services and our extensive network of interpreters can cover every industry – ranging from academic to hospitality, medical, healthcare, IT and ITES. In addition to providing general interpretation services from our office in Chennai; we can also offer simultaneous interpretation in Chinese, Russian, and Korean to the companies located in different regions of the world. In short – we can meet your interpretation demand, wherever you are.

Many of our clients recommend our interpretation services because of the quality we offer. Excellence makes our services standout from the cheaper alternatives you may be offered by other interpretation companies in Chennai. To maintain quality in our work, we only get it done by professional interpreters and not audio typists. Additionally, to make sure that the language is fluent and accurate, not to miss correct pronunciation and right terminology.

We can provide you with every kind of interpretation service including:

  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Translation of marketing material
  • Transcription of summary of proceedings.

We also understand the importance of prompt customer service, and make sure that our approach is flexible and friendly. We also make sure that our work meets your expectation and with a global base of interpreters, can do various jobs at even the notice of few hours.

We follow strict confidentiality agreements and as a standard, ask each of our interpreters to sign it separately for every new client. For this reason, many companies trust RMACS to handle their most sensitive information. To know more about our interpreters write to us at

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