What is Localization Services

It is not possible to reach out to the whole world through one single product or a piece of content. You will have to make sure it feels native to your target audience. Hence, localization!

Localization refers to the process of adapting content or even a particular product to a specific market or a locale. However, translation is not the only aspect of localization. You will have to:

Our localization services can help you to:

  • Adapt your graphics and images to the target market
  • Modify the content to match the consumption habits and preferences of the target markets
  • Adapt the design and layout to make sure the translated text can be displayed properly
  • Convert currencies and other units of measure as per local requirements
  • Use localized formats for phone numbers, addresses, and dates
  • Comply with the legal requirements and local regulations

Although you don’t actually recreate the product for your target market, you can give it the look and feel of being created specifically for that market through localization. This holds good irrespective of the location, culture, or language of the target market.

Rephraserz has an entire team of professionals who come with vast experience in different aspects of localization such as translation, trans-creation, subtitling and more. They put in every effort to understand your specific requirements and objectives and tailor their services accordingly.

Difference between Localization Services and Translation Agency

Most people think a translation agency is the same as one that provides localization services. However, it is not so. Apart from translation, there are many other aspects involved in localization.

A translation agency, in particular, helps you to communicate your message in the target language. There would be a translator, or an entire team of them, who are basically expert linguists. In addition to translation, a localization company would also offer services that include:

Copy-writing or Trans-creation: Transcreation is about writing a fresh copy for your target market. It works in many cases where literally translated text may not sound persuasive enough to convert target audience. A transcreator would generally rewrite the text in the target language to make the message sound more accurate, culturally appropriate, and persuasive.

Software localization: Software localization is all about generalizing the software to appeal to audience of different languages and cultures. It enables the code base of the application to support multiple languages, different character sets, numerical formats, time, date, etc.

Website Localization: Also known as Website globalization, website localization is about preparing a website to handle multiple languages, currencies, character sets, submit form data, as well as site search capabilities. It requires a thorough understanding of the database and content management systems that are used in the website. While translation helps in communicating with a new target market, localization helps in taking your business to an international level.

Top 5 Benefits of Localization Service

Businesses that are just starting to enter the international markets can benefit immensely from a localization service. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from localization:

Increase market share and revenue

Localization allows you to expand your business and reach out to newer markets to increase your revenue. It helps you make your products and services, accessible to target markets and convince the audience to accept them as their own.

Mitigate cultural sensitivity

Mere translation of the text of your solution may not make it appealing to your target audience. You will have to change inappropriate colors, remove words that don’t fit, format numbers, times, and dates, and do a lot more things if you want to associate with your target market in a positive way. Localization can help you avoid cultural insensitivity.

Build customer rapport

No customer will buy your product if it is not available in a language that he understands. Speaking in their language will help you seem more approachable and caring, to your prospective customers. Localization can help you do this.

Gain a competitive advantage

Not all businesses localize their products and content for the global audience. By taking this step you can stay ahead of them and enjoy a competitive edge in the market. You will also be able to reach out to more number of customers.

Strengthen global presence

Having a brand that is built for your local audience is good; but if you want your products to appeal to the global audience, you will have to break down all the linguistic and cultural barriers between your brand and the rest of the world. Localization can help you get closer to your audience.

Why Hire Localization Company?

Delivering the right message to the right people, at the right time, and in the right manner, is very important if you want your message to be understood as intended. Hiring a localization company will make this easier.

A professional localization company will have experts who understand the culture, preferences, habits, and languages of the target markets. Specialized in multiple languages, they can help you with various tasks such as designing your product labels, preparing your documentation, adapting your website, and even pursuing your prospects through effective marketing material.

In short, hiring a localization company will enable you toeffectively adapt your products or services for use in the multilingual markets. It can help you eliminate all the communication barriers between your brand and your target audience, irrespective of their language, culture, or preferences. With excellent localization support, it becomes easier for you to take your business to an international level and achieve success across the world.

Types of localization services

Localization services are of different types. They include:

Software localization

Software localization is about localizing the user interface and the structural components of a software program such as its menu bars, buttons, generic messages, error messages, status indicators, and so on. The localization experts work closely with source code editors, graphic designers, and software compilers, to make sure the text, resources, and graphic files are all adapted to the target language.

Special care is taken to be consistent with the terminology used, while respecting the original structural format of the software. Any documentation that might accompany the software, including the user manuals, packaging elements, and brochures, are also localized, keeping in mind the language, culture, and preferences of the target market.

Website localization

Converting the text of a website into the destination language is not all that is involved in Website localization. It is a complex process that involves diverse skills and vast experience in coordinating work phases. The success of a localized website depends upon many factors.

  • The content has to be adapted to the language and culture of the target market
  • The tone of the communication has to match the standards and specific requirements of the target market
  • Graphical components have to comply with the cultural and linguistic requirements of the target market
  • Scripting components such as JavaScript, Php, Asp, Perl, and database have to harmonize with the localized website
  • Special consideration needs to be given to page formatting so that it compatible with the graphical structure, and meets the demands of the search engine as well as directory positioning
Desktop-publishing localization

Printed material such as books, magazines, and brochures, intended for publication, are edited to suit the linguistic and cultural requirements of the target market. The formats and layouts of online material, if any, are changed to display the translated text in the right way.

Multimedia localization

CD-based presentations involving moving graphics, pictures, sounds, and movies are translated and customized for different countries, by eliminating barriers pertaining to language, culture, and trade.

Professional localization services

Literal translation of text from one language to the other can often lead to embarrassing translation mistakes. Such errors can prove to be costly mistakes, especially when it comes to important documents such as websites, marketing brochures, product, information leaflets, and blog posts. This is where a professional localization service can come to your rescue.

Localization is a process where in the natives of the target country offer insights into the language and culture of the target market. This process helps companies produce top-quality materials that appeal to the local audience. They will be able to understand and accept your products and associate with your brand, in a better way.

The experts at a professional localization service can help translate and localize even the most complex of documents, without changing the meaning of the content. Apart from documents, they can also translate and localize websites, software programs, applications, podcasts, videos, films, presentations, e-learning material, and video games.

Get in touch with the experts at Rephraserz to find out more about the benefits of localization and how it can help your company. We will be happy to clarify any queries you might have, about localization, and discuss effective ways to present your business, overseas.

Write to us at localization@rephraserz.com to find out how we can help you support your business initiatives.

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