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Multimedia Localization Provider

Whatever your requirements are – replacing your existing multimedia resources with updated technologies or localizing upcoming resources for a comprehensive multimedia coverage – we’ve it covered. With us as your preferred multimedia localizing solutions firm, you earn a set of standalone benefits; unrivaled elsewhere!

We are Rephraserz, a translation solutions company located in Chennai, India. We have had helped clients from around the world reach targeted customers, simplify process complexities and affordably avail updated variety of localization service. Our multimedia localization service is designed to earn our customers true value for their investment.

How partnering with us benefit your multimedia localization requirement

Affordable process so that you mitigate irrelevant cost risks

We provide cost effective solutions. Our process has been designed to provide you just the right solutions without having to incur any additional costs you don’t actually require. Simply put, we work at your cost reduction goal by analyzing multimedia resources that are best-fit for localization. Anything that doesn’t require heavy editing or localization engineering and will do without being localized are left by us for your consideration. If you want us to comprehensively localize your resources, we do it. If you say No, we don’t want you to invest. That’s it!

No guess work! We learn your audience before speaking your voice

We don’t kick start without feeling the pulse of your customers! We research your audience, their linguistic challenges, culture etc., to translate your document into their language. What it means is that we survey your target market to communicate your marketing message. This helps us localize your resources suiting the customised and budgetary requirements of your audience.

We are updated with whatever it requires to be unique

We value our clients and know they only want perfect solutions that work! So that we succeed, we stay updated with latest technologies, and tools that make localization of multimedia resources simple. We use latest multimedia vocabulary and dictionaries to translate the right words in a timely fashion.

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