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Rephraserz Media and Communication Services (RMACS) provides subtitling services in India to companies and individuals. Here at RMACS, we have specialists who are well adept in providing high quality subtitles for documentaries, films, and promotional material.

We only use seasoned professionals who have relevant experienced in the subject field required by our clients. All of our team members are native speakers of the language they provide subtitles in. we offer two main types of subtitling and dubbing services in Chennai:

  • Live subtitling
    • Also known as online or real time captioning, it is mainly used for news events, talk shows or sports programs. Some of our clients also request for subtitling experts who also can perform actions through hands and face for deaf and hard of hearing people.
  • Pre-recorded subtitling
    • It includes translated subtitles, which are based on the translation of the dialogues. Depending on the context, the translated subtitles are sometimes shortened to convey the essence of the dialogue.

We also offer video editing services, video subtitling, language subtitling services, and dubbing services in Chennai and nearby regions. The subtitling can be done in all the major languages including the regional dialects according to the needs of our clients.

We also take care of the quality by getting our subtitles proofread by another team or sometimes a third party linguist to ensure accuracy of the final product. With over hundreds and millions of audience who do not understand anything except their native tongue, our subtitling services are one of the perfect ways to educate them about your product or service. To know more, please contact us today.

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