Spanish Translation Services

Spanish Translation Services

Spanish translation services can be of great help to you if you are thinking of taking your business to any of the 21 countries that include Argentina, Bolivia, Columbia, Chile, Cuba, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Paraguay, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Uruguay, and of course Spain.

Spanish is in fact the second largest spoken language in the world, with more than 400 million native speakers.

Translate English to Spanish

Doing business in a new country with a different culture and language could be difficult for any company. Apart from completing the legal formalities, you also have to think about facing the various communication challenges to help familiarize your new audience with your business. Learning Spanish language might take a lot of time and efforts, that not every business may have to spare.

Hence the easiest way to overcome the communication challenge is by hiring a Spanish Language Translation company.

Spanish Translation Services

Spanish Professional Translation

While choosing a Spanish professional translation company it is always better to go for one that also offers localization and interpreter services. This will help you localize your business for your new audience and also hold meetings successfully with your new clients. There are a few other things that you may need to look for and they include:

  • 24 hours services to enable you to place your orders at any time of the day or night and from any part of the world.
  • Cheap and reliable service that places heavy focus on accurate Spanish document translation.
  • Different types of translation such as medical, legal, academic, and Spanish certificate translation
  • Translation of audio and video files in various formats such as MP3, MP4, WMV, AIF, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, WMA, OGG, and WAV.

How Long Does it Take to Translate 500 Words?

Answers to this question depend on numerous variables; some are out of a translator’s hands such as time available and client deadlines; while other factors within their control such as language fluency, experience and education play an integral part. Furthermore, subject matter also plays a part; for example, highly technical content takes longer to translate than simple blog articles.

As a general guideline, professional translators typically translate about 2,000 words within a business day on average. Keep in mind, however, that actual turnaround times depend upon factors like subject matter, language and complexity involved with each project.

Translators often charge by the word, rather than hour. This allows for more accurate estimation of how long a translation project will take; should your document be typed instead of handwritten, this could change the number of words needed. If so, make sure your translation company knows so they can adjust accordingly.

When your text contains many repeated segments (such as names or places), it’s worth informing your translation company so they can identify and save these to a translation memory for future use. This can save money and time when using an agency on an ongoing basis. When providing source documents to an agency for translation, always send editable files rather than PDFs as this will help their translator work more efficiently while decreasing time spent correcting formatting errors or typos.

Why is Translation So Expensive?

Professional translators often receive inquiries on why translation can be so costly, with no simple answers being offered. There are several factors at play when pricing translation services; those offering top quality services will gladly walk their clients through them all.

Projects with short turnaround or tight deadlines usually call for rush rates, as translators and project managers may need to work extra hours or weekends just to meet the deadline, thus increasing costs as it adds extra time on to their workload.

Document type is another factor in the cost of translation services. Documents requiring legal or medical expertise gained through experience and training tend to cost more. Translations that need formatting for specific media formats or bespoke layouts tend to also incur extra charges as this requires extra work on our part.

Translators use various quoting models when setting prices; per word is by far the most popular as it offers transparency and an instant correlation with work completed; other pricing models, including per character or line are less frequent but still possible.

Finaly, one factor influencing translation prices is the cost of living in your translator’s region/country of residence. Translators who reside in areas with lower costs tend to charge less than those located in more costly regions/countries.

How Much Do Translators Charge Per Word Spanish?

Translation services vary widely depending on your language needs, level of expertise required, and timeline for completion. Most commonly, pricing models consist of per-word or per-character rates while some translators may charge by hour for projects requiring editing/proofreading alongside translation services.

Selection of an appropriate language translation service provider is key to completing projects on time and within budget. With options ranging from free machine translation tools to professional human translators and translation agencies offering their services at various price points.

Misconceptions about document translation tend to assume that costs will increase if working with rare or difficult-to-translate languages, but this is simply not true: translators use sophisticated software programs and are highly qualified professionals dedicated to producing the highest-quality results for every project they undertake.

Complex or technical documents tend to be easier for translators to work with than simple or straightforward documents due to being more likely to contain technical terms and jargon that must be accurately translated.

Documents in an editable format will be more cost-effective to translate than documents that must be manually converted to text format. When choosing a translator, consider their certification status – those certified by ATA have demonstrated their dedication by passing an in-depth exam and meeting minimum experience requirements, guaranteeing your document will be professionally translated by someone familiar with Spanish nuances.

Rephraserz Offering Spanish Translation Services

A certified translation company, Rephraserz offers excellent Spanish translation services to businesses across the world. We have a team of expert linguists who make it extremely easy for you to communicate your messages in a clear and understandable manner to your new target audience. We also offer Same day and Next day service that help in catering to your urgent Spanish translation requirements.

Our Services Include the following

  1. Audio file Translate English to Spanish
  2. Video file Translate English to Spanish
  3. Document Translate English to Spanish
  4. Technical Translate English to Spanish
  5. Voice over file Translate English to Spanish, Etc…,

Our Other Services Includes the following

  1. Spanish Transcription
  2. Audio Spanish Transcription
  3. Video Spanish Transcription
  4. Legal Spanish Transcription
  5. Interview Spanish Transcription, Etc..,

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