What Types of Translation Services Are Available?

Language translation services make information, facts and notions available to a broader audience. They enable businesses to connect with new customer groups across geographical barriers.

Administrative translation includes translating business and corporate documents as well as technical material such as user manuals, patents and technical brochures.

Types of Translation Services

Sworn Translation

Dependency on a reliable sworn translator is paramount when trying to get documents recognized, yet you must remember that sworn translation differs significantly from interpretation: interpretation requires real-time linguistic assistance while sworn translation focuses solely on written text.

Sworn translations are accepted by authorities as accurate representations of original documents, with their signature and seal added by the translator to make them more official than other forms of translations.

Sworn translation can be costly, but when your documents need to be accepted by authorities it can be well worth your while. Make sure the translator you hire has extensive knowledge of legal terms and practices as well as being reliable enough to deliver quality translation within your deadline. Check their websites for reviews or testimonials of past customers to gauge reliability as well as request a quote to find out the cost involved with translating your document.

Notarized Translation

Notarized translation is an official, word-for-word translation conducted and certified by a notary public, often required during legal proceedings or when submitting documents to government agencies and institutions.

Notarized translations may also be required when applying for visas and immigration procedures, offering another layer of security and making sure your documents are recognized.

Finding a translator trained and tested by a reputable translation agency is the first step toward getting a notarized translation. Next, locate a notary public who will verify their identity before signing an affidavit vouching for its accuracy, then seal and sign an affidavit attesting to it – this process typically only takes minutes and can be performed at any bank, law office, or notary service; or online in minutes!

Certified Translation

Certified translations are the highest form of document translation available and should only be undertaken for official documents such as birth and death certificates, school documents, affidavits, legal contracts and passport documentation. Certified translation requires more extensive review than regular translation and requires an experienced linguist with industry expertise who will adapt content according to culture in a professional and culturally sensitive manner.

These translations typically come with a Certificate of Accuracy that contains information about the translator, their contact details, and an affirmation statement confirming that their translation is complete and accurate. Since some countries or institutions may require certain formats of this document prior to submitting your translated documents for submission.

Some translation agencies are better equipped than others at providing certified translations, so be sure to work with one that offers this service. For instance, some firms employ certified linguists and use industry-leading technology that ensures your documents arrive on time and intact.


If you want to overcome language barriers and expand into new markets, professional translation services can provide high-quality localized content that will meet the needs of your target audience. Their team of linguists are highly qualified, and will make sure your message reaches it target group with precision.

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