Rephraserz brings business certainty to clients by simplifying their process objectives, improving their operational performance; connecting them with their customers and assisting them achieve results!

We are a global provider of media and communication solutions. We leverage on our expertise, skills, process, tools and set up to provide companies earn an unrivaled set of competitive benefits through a portfolio of communication and consultancy solutions.

Translation Services

You can count on Rephraserz for accurate translation of your documents and files, in a timely and affordable way. Through our vast network of professional translators we offer end-to-end translation services in more than 200 different languages spoken across the world. Our translators focus not only on translating your documents but also on transforming them to make them easily understandable.

In order to cater to a variety of requirements of clients all over the world, we offer specialized translation services that include medical translation, financial translation, legal translation, e-learning translation, Certified Translation Services,market research translation, media & advertisement translation, and engineering & technical translation.

Transcription Services

We provide high-quality Transcription Services by Expert Transcriptionists to businesses from across the world. Our services include audio transcription, video transcription, legal transcription, medical transcription, interview transcription, and academic transcription, customized to your needs. We put in a lot of efforts to get the spellings, terminologies, acronyms, and abbreviations absolutely right.

We have worked with businesses across industries, catering to a variety of transcription requirements. Our services are not only timely, but also accurate and affordable. Once the documents are typed, our editors thoroughly check the transcripts for any errors and then deliver the same in the format requested by the client.

Typing Services

Through a dedicated team of professional typists with exceptional typing skills, we make it possible to copy your content in an accurate, timely and affordable way. We offer our services round the clock and are well-equipped to handle large volumes of typing work at short notice.

We type all kinds of content including handwritten notes, equations, lectures, books and journals, manuals and instructions, agreements and contracts, memorandum, resumes, survey forms and questionnaires and deliver the copies to you in the format that you require. Apart from document typing, we also offer audio typing and dictation typing services to cater to a variety of typing needs.

Voiceover Services

We believe in adding immense value to your business through our professional Voice Over Services that are designed to create the right impact on your audience. We cater to the voice over requirements of a variety of clients, through a huge network of native voiceover artists who are experts in more than 200 languages spoken in different parts of the world.

We have provided voice overs for a number of projects including narrations, tutorials, TV promos, commercials, infomercials, jingles, animations, films, presentations, audio books, radio spots, podcasts, music-on-hold, and corporate videos. We have a dedicated voiceover team comprising of artists that include men, women, and children.

Subtitling Services

We provide high-quality subtitles for your films, documentaries, and promotional videos to help your business go global. With a team of native speakers and expert linguists well-versed in most of the major languages spoken across the world, we offer a variety of subtitling or captioning services that cater to the different requirements of businesses across industries.

Our captioning services include real-time captioning, open captioning, closed captioning, media captioning, broadcast captioning, video captioning, and movie captioning, customized to the specific needs of our clients. Adopting a stringent quality process helps us provide accurate Subtitling Services in a timely and affordable manner, without compromising on quality.

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