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Life Sciences and Healthcare Translation

Minimize risk of operational inefficiency, channelize local regulatory requirements, and improve your trust ratio by availing our translation solutions for life sciences and healthcare industries. From clinical trials to product launch – we’re happy to help you save lives by connecting your audience with your service.

At Rephraserz we are happy to be driven by certain values that make our offerings unrivaled in the market. At the helm of our work is the edge of accuracy we strive to achieve in each of our service. When it comes to providing translation solutions for medical and health industries, we stay committed to our values – not because we are habituated to providing accurate solutions but also because a simple mistake can lead to costly consequences for the industry. Because it is all about saving lives, our translation solution is designed to provide nothing but practically accurate result.

It is over a decade now that we have assisted different healthcare companies worldwide to connect with local audiences globally through a rainbow-load of accurately structured translation solutions. We understand the intricacies involved in clinical trials to field tests to operative stage and launch phase arising out of language differences. So, we help you connect with your local audience better by training, monitoring, adapting and structuring your product/service in the local languages.

Our Medical/Pharmaceutical Clinical Studies/Trials translation have helped medical and healthcare industries better channelize their service in local culture. We have helped companies win lives, improve lifestyle, increase life saving measures, and accurately structure world class clinical solutions. From clinical trials to field tests; our translation solutions are featured to provide you best quality solutions to help you better serve your industry.

Types of solutions
  • Informed Consent Forms translation
  • Specifications of Product Characteristics translation
  • Medical records/ documents translation
  • Veterinary records/documents translation
  • Medical Device Translation
Why choose us over others for translation solutions
  • Proven capabilities
  • Expert translators skilled at life science
  • Use of updated vocabulary
  • Use of updated technologies
  • Market research and analysis to help you market better

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