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Media Translation and Entertainment Translation

At Rephraserz, we provide rain-bow load of translation solutions services. One key offering of us is media and entertainment translations solutions meant for corporate clients who want to connect with actively engaging electronic audience for better brand building and enhanced sales irrespective of devices – be it mobile, TV, Internet and beyond! From campaign management to identification of key attributes that drive sales we know how to connect with your target audience in their own language and market your message intelligently!

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Are you a brand in need of device-independent marketing campaign to reach untapped source of revenue generation and make existing clients count? You can trust our translation services – rightfully catered to your requirements. What we do is what done by any other marketing company, but how we do is what few companies would do: We provide you trusted solutions and our process guarantees you benefit from the executed ideas. We analyze your audience, identify the core attributes that require improvement, improve channel distribution and come up with a campaign idea that work! Our translation, localization and narration services are designed for brands who want to reach local audience using their language.

What we can do for you - Media and marketing entertainment
  • Translate your marketing message to your audience
  • Reach untapped source of revenue generation for you by localizing your product/service
  • Give a local flavor to your marketing camping
  • Connect your audience across devices – handled or desktop platforms
  • Monitor the attributes that limit exposure and uncomplicating their effect

Brad-independent popularity

Wherever your audience are; whatever their requirements are; the structurally improvised translation services by us take into consideration their linguistic, behavioral and cultural differences and likeness. Our services are catered for iphone, TV, Radio, Internet audience. So, it doesn’t make any difference on how they access your brand. We know how to module your marketing in terms of their specific interest.

Our services:
  • Subtitling / Captioning Services
  • Television translation services
  • Computer games translation and localization service
  • Mobile devices and advertising campaigns
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We are expert at translation solution service and our process guarantees your investment is paid off when you choose us as your preferred solutions provider. Should you have any queries about our media and entertainment translation, we are happy to contact you.

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