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Why Rephraserz?

We have been actively working in the field of e learning by providing end number of quality solutions. You can trust us for custom-made, thoroughly edited and perfectly drafted and ready for live voice over scripts in customized modules.

E learning is a growing field of sharing knowledge in a subtle manner. With e learning getting a gradually improved medium of communication, companies and academia are perusing newer ways to reach customers.

For customers engaged in voice over service, e learning is a special tool. With properly submitted voice over scripts for e learning course and etc., a learner not only get a personalized feeling of education but can relate with the facts and presentations in a better and qualified manner.

If you need interactive voice over solutions and scripting and texting services for the e learning, we can help. Rephraserz leverages on its team of dedicated voice over specialists, e learning experts and technicians who impart quality training modules, and training based learning systems that redefine your e learning curses.

Why trust us?
  • Recording and translation in more than 100 languages
  • Professional project management system
  • Expert professional help
  • Ready to use templates and customised templates

You can ask for quick review for your voice over e learning scripts or request a brand new composition, we are happy to help!

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