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Software Translation Services

At Rephraserz, we closely work with our valued customers to solve their complex communication barriers. At the core of our services is our dedication to work with latest technologies so that our customers never have to worry about implementing outdated ideas that hinder their productivity and growth. Our use of breakthrough technologies helped our clients reach their targeted goals. We can help you too!

Benefit of our process – Stay updated, reach new sales and uncomplicate the process of communication. Trust our technology competence to uncomplicate the process of sales and profit.

Our use of technologies – Mission
  • To help you stay latest in your niche
  • To ensure you never become outdated on your offering
  • To uncomplicate the process of executing tough ideas
  • To monitor growth of executed ideas
  • To assure perfectly beneficial result

Whatever you do, we have technology to solve your issues!

From software localization and translation to web application development and high end tasks that require execution of sophisticated ideas and monitoring of regulated principles that simplify user engagement and queries such as website localization and cloud translation management; we have technology to serve you well.

Web application, desktop applications, client-server application – working on these key modules requires high technicalities. Without the help of skilled technocrats, we can’t serve you! So, besides a team of proficiently balanced translators who work in tandem with client request, we also have a team of engineers, software testers who connect with language and non technical professionals.

We work on software technologies and translation challenges at a quality facility in our Chennai office. The testers and language experts form a team that understand the key challenges, the need to monitor the feedback process and implement trusted ideas that meet the design basics of client requirements. From xml translation to XML in localization, Translating XML documents, iPhone application translation, and even mobile application translation, or high end ATM M-Status Translator; we use latest technologies to meet the evolving client demands.

Why trust our technology competence?
  • Practical knowledge of latest technologies
  • Execution of high end tasks through test to execution process
  • Making clients an integral part of the process
  • Regulated means to check the relevancy of latest technologies
  • Skilled technocrats ready to help you, on any queries

Rephraserz is a media services solutions company with expertise in translation, narration, voiceover and localization solutions. We can help you stay latest, reach new audiences and improve your process output through latest translation technologies. Contact us now to learn if we can help you on your work!

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