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Transcription is one of the main services that we offer. Our transcribers are not only are professional writers with years of experience, they are highly qualified as well to transcribe your recording accurately. While working on your medical transcription or business transcription, they also make sure that they attribute the sentences to the correct person within the recording.

In addition to providing general transcription services from our office in Chennai; we can also offer medical transcription and business transcription services to the companies located in different regions of the world. In short – we can meet your transcriptions demand, wherever you are.

The general time taken for transcribing a document depends upon the length of documents. An hour of audio on an average takes round 5-6 hours to make sure that the content is completely correct and accurate. The document is delivered in a publication ready format and can be used to publish for internal clients – whether on hard copy or through intranet. Many of our clients recommend our general transcription services because of the quality we offer. It makes our services standout from the cheaper alternatives you may be offered by other transcription companies in Chennai.

To maintain excellence in our work, we only get them done by professional transcribers and not audio typists. Additionally, to make sure that the transcript is fluent and accurate, the editors thoroughly check the transcripts. From us, you will always get correct spellings, terminology, abbreviations and acronyms.

Our Major Transcription Services
  • Audio Transcription
  • Video Transcription
  • Legal Transcription
  • Academic Transcription
  • Interview Transcription

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