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Market Research Translation Services

Market research till today remains a key factor to get advantage over competitors. It provides instant information in identifying and analysing market trends, requirements, size, and competition. For a thriving business, it forms the basis of strategizing future policy. It is no longer limited to the geographical reach of a company. Today, people sitting at thousands of miles away from a business location might be able to influence its sales. For example, a miscommunication that a particular brand of food uses a distinctive ingredient, which is religiously unacceptable to a particular group, as its raw material can lead to very serious consequences.

Research therefore is no longer restricted to a few standard platforms. It takes into account whole social opinion, which most of the times is given and collected in native languages. Keeping such a scenario in mind, RMACS works to provide quick and flexible market research translations in multiple languages. This enables our clients to realise their impact on a global scale and use the study to extend their range of services.

We frequently translate:

  • Proposals
  • Collateral
  • Catalogues
  • Questionnaires
  • Market reports
  • Advertising media
  • Marketing and PR texts
  • Packaging and brochures
  • Websites and web content
  • Marketing translation expertise
  • Telephonic surveys of various languages

We have a network of independently contracted translators who are equipped to eliminate foreign language barriers for your market research audience. Our linguists have specific experience of the marketing industry and are well equipped to handle the requirements of this sector. Their familiarity with cultural expressions that are unique to individual languages, account for a large part of translations.

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