bahasa Subtitling and Captioning Services

bahasa Subtitling Services

Getting your video content ready for your bahasa audience is no more an impossible task. We have an entire team of qualified and experienced professionals who can offer you expert subtitling services in not just bahasa but 50 other languages, as per your requirements and specifications.

The professionals of our team put in a lot of effort to understand the delivery requirements so that our clients can get exactly what they expect from us. Each member of the team is committed to hone his or her skills according to the industry standards. We guarantee a high level of accuracy and timely-delivery of:

      English To bahasa Video Subtitling
        English To bahasa Film Subtitling
          English To bahasa Movie Subtitling
            English To bahasa Television Subtitling

          bahasa Captioning Services

          Reshooting all your videos in bahasa may not be the perfect way to reach out to your bahasa audience. Instead, you can opt for bahasa captioning services. Our professionals can accurately transcribe your film, video, or e-learning content, translate it into bahasa, and then match the text perfectly with the moving visual images.

          Our team of professionals comes with more than 15 years of experience in completing closed captioning projects in not just bahasa but 50 other languages. They stick to high standards when it comes to quality and accuracy. Each of our team members ensures proper compliance with the industry standards and makes sure the output is exactly as expected by the client. We offer:

              bahasa Video Captioning Services
                bahasa Film Captioning Services
                  bahasa Movie Captioning Services
                    bahasa Television Captioning Services

                  Need bahasa Subtitling and Captioning Services?

                  Give us a call on +91 75984 83013 or send us a mail to info@rephraserz.comto get in touch with our experts and discuss your requirements. We will make sure you get only the best.

                  Input formats

                  All Video Formats: QuickTime,SWF, WMV, FLV, etc.

                  Output formats

                  SubRip (.srt), Scenarist (.scc),MacCaption (.mcc),Quicktime Timed Text (.qt.txt), Transcript (.txt),Spruce Subtitle File (.stl) and custom file formats.

                  Our bahasa subtitling services include:

                      bahasa Translation Services
                      bahasa Transcription Services
                      bahasa Typing Services
                      bahasa Voice Over Services

                  Subtitling and captioning Languages. If the language you require is not here please contact us

                  Abkhazian Subtitling, Acholi Subtitling, Afar Subtitling, Akan Subtitling, Amharic Subtitling, Armenian Subtitling, Ashanti Subtitling, Assamese Subtitling, Assyrian Subtitling, Aymara Subtitling, Azerbaijani Subtitling, Bahasa Subtitling, Bambara Subtitling, Bashkir Subtitling, Basque Subtitling, Belarussian Subtitling, Bengali Subtitling, Bhutani Subtitling, Bihari Subtitling, Bislama Subtitling, Bosnian Subtitling, Brazil Subtitling, Breton Subtitling, Burmese Subtitling, Byelorussian Subtitling, Cambodian Subtitling, Canada Subtitling, Cantonese Subtitling, Cape Subtitling, Catalan Subtitling, Cebuano Subtitling, Chamorro Subtitling, Cherokee Subtitling, Chewa Subtitling, Chuukese Subtitling, Corsican Subtitling, Croatian Subtitling, Czech Subtitling, Danish Subtitling, Dari Subtitling, Dinka Subtitling, Divehi Subtitling, Dzongkha Subtitling, Efik Subtitling, Egyptian Subtitling, Esperanto Subtitling, Estonian Subtitling, Ethiopian Subtitling, Faeroese Subtitling, Farsi Subtitling, Fiji Subtitling, Fijian Subtitling, Finnish Subtitling, Flemish Subtitling, Formalarabic Subtitling, France Subtitling, French Subtitling, French Subtitling, Frisian Subtitling, Fula Subtitling, Fulani Subtitling, Fulfulde Subtitling, Gaelic Subtitling, Gaelicmanx Subtitling, Gaelicscot Subtitling, Galician Subtitling, Georgian Subtitling, Greenlandic Subtitling, Guarani Subtitling, Gujarati Subtitling, Gulf Subtitling, Haitian Subtitling, Hakka Subtitling, Hausa Subtitling, Hawaiian Subtitling, Hebrew Subtitling, Hmong Subtitling, Hungarian Subtitling, Ibibio Subtitling, Icelandic Subtitling, Igbo Subtitling, Ilocano Subtitling, Interlingua Subtitling, Interlingue Subtitling, Inuktitut Subtitling, Irish Subtitling, Kanjobal Subtitling, Karen Subtitling, Kashmiri Subtitling, Kazakh Subtitling, Kikuyu Subtitling, Kinyarwanda Subtitling, Kirghiz Subtitling, Kirundi Subtitling, Konkani Subtitling, bahasaamerica Subtitling, Latvian Subtitling, Lebanese Subtitling, Levantine Subtitling, Lingala Subtitling, Lithuanian Subtitling, Luganda Subtitling, Macedonian Subtitling, Maghrebi Subtitling, Malagasy Subtitling, Malayalam Subtitling, Maltese Subtitling, Mandarin Subtitling, Mandingo Subtitling, Mandinka Subtitling, Maori Subtitling, Marshallese Subtitling, Mien Subtitling, Mina Subtitling, Moldovan Subtitling, Mongolian Subtitling, Montenegrin Subtitling, Moroccan Subtitling, Navajo Subtitling, Nepali Subtitling, Norwegian Subtitling, Nuer Subtitling, Occitan Subtitling, Oriya Subtitling, Oromo Subtitling, Papiamento Subtitling, Papiamentu Subtitling, Pashto Subtitling, Persian Subtitling, Portugal Subtitling, Pulaar Subtitling, Punjabi Subtitling, Quechua Subtitling, Quiche Subtitling, Romanian Subtitling, Rwanda Subtitling, Sami Subtitling, Samoan Subtitling, Sangro Subtitling, Sanskrit Subtitling, Sara Subtitling, Serbo Subtitling, Sesotho Subtitling, Setswana Subtitling, Shangainese Subtitling, Sichuan Subtitling, Sicilian Subtitling, Sindhi Subtitling, Sinhala Subtitling, Sinhalese Subtitling, Siswati Subtitling, Slovak Subtitling, Slovene Subtitling, Slovenian Subtitling, Somali Subtitling, Soninke Subtitling, Sorani Subtitling, Sotho Subtitling, Spain Subtitling, Sudanese Subtitling, Swahili Subtitling, Swedish Subtitling, Swiss Subtitling, Tagalog Subtitling, Taiwanese Subtitling, Tajik Subtitling, Tamazight Subtitling, Tatar Subtitling, Telugu Subtitling, Teochew Subtitling, Tetun Subtitling, Thai Subtitling, Tibetan Subtitling, Tigrigna Subtitling, Tongan Subtitling, Tshiluba Subtitling, Tsonga Subtitling, Turkmen Subtitling, Uighur Subtitling, Urdu Subtitling, Uzbek Subtitling, Venda Subtitling, Vietnamese Subtitling, Visayan Subtitling, Welsh Subtitling, Wolof Subtitling, Xhosa Subtitling, Yiddish Subtitling, Yoruba Subtitling, Zulu Subtitling